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Photo credits – Jefferson L. Morriss


Prior to his retirement in 2005, Patrick Dunleavy was in law enforcement with the New York State Criminal Justice System for over 26 years as a part of an elite team of investigators. He began his career with the Department of Correctional Services as a Correction Officer, and in 1988 was assigned to the Office of the Inspector General.

"Wars are fought in many places other than the battlefield. Wars are also fought in the arena of public opinion."

During his career, he worked undercover infiltrating criminal enterprises and contract murder conspiracies. He also worked as a hostage negotiator, and was key in the design and implementation of a data system used to gather intelligence on criminal activity involving drug trafficking, money laundering, fugitive apprehension and terrorism.

Following September 11, 2001, Patrick Dunleavy was appointed the Deputy Inspector General of the Criminal Intelligence Unit. At the request of various agencies, Mr. Dunleavy has been a speaker on the topic of terrorist recruitment to organizations such as the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard and Canadian Intelligence Services. In June 2011, Patrick testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security regarding the threat of radicalization in the Muslim Community. He was a key figure in Operation Hades, an investigation that probed the radical Islamic recruitment movement for jihad from both inside and outside prison walls.

Born and raised in New York, Mr. Dunleavy now resides in the Pacific Northwest.